Homemade Popeye’s Spicy Fried Chicken

Black America Web

Mmm! Love that chicken from Popeyes!  Remember that little jingle you would hear when the commercial came on?  Seeing all that mouthwatering crispy chicken would make me hungry and I’d think about getting a three-piece with a biscuit in a hurry! But we all know eating fried foods all the time aren’t good for you, even if they do taste good. So here’s a homemade recipe for Popeye’s Chicken that’s guaranteed to taste like your local fast food joint. And here’s the kicker: it’s healthier for you!

While a mild chicken breast from Popeye’s contains 1,130 milligrams sodium and 420 calories, a spicy chicken breast contains only 760 milligrams. A spicy chicken wing contains less than half the amount of sodium in a mild chicken wing, totaling 290 milligrams and 690 milligrams. But our recipe has 1/3 of the total sodium! And we’ve taken it a step further by also…

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