As a kid I was painfully shy.I can remember going from a small Elementary School to a large Highschool was so terrifying to me and I was so nervous about the transition.I grew out of my shell somewhat but it dawned on me that I never ate at my Highschool cafeteria,ever! I am a true introvert to the truest form and I’m not ashamed of it.I’m not going to lie,I’m a work in progress and I’m still building on ME!

Hello Friday

Hello Friday,it’s been a crazy week,a lot of realization of what this world is really made of.I will remain positive and stay true to who I am and I will not let anyone tell me different.Lets enjoy this beautiful weekend to come,a lot of us deserve it!

Destroy and Rebuild

I see your pain but it’s going to be okay,tomorrow is a new day.Yesterday was the past,don’t worry about it,move on.Please don’t take any baggage into a new situation,you both deserve a clean slate.I love making you laugh,it’s like putting medicine inside of candy.I hope you’re healing inside,focusing on all things positive,keeping your eyes on the prize.Its time to destroy the darkness and start rebuilding it to the beautiful light that you are use to.I’m here for you,I got your back,we are going to tackle the unknown together,that’s my word!