DJ D-Nice

If you was on Instagram is past Saturday and Sunday and you’re a hip hop fan I hope you didn’t miss the virtual world party that D-Nice put on. On Saturday D-Nice hit a milestone of 100 thousand people at this virtual party and to say it was a special milestone is an understatement. There was A-List people there such as Janet Jackson,Will and Jada Smith, Stevie Wonder, Mary J Blige, and Quincy Jones just to name a few! Sunday was even more special because we witnessed the count hit 100K in 15 mins, D-Nice called the event Club Quarantine, and we salute him for playing great music to help us take our minds off the COVID 19 virus that’s dominating the world right now. Us older hip hop heads know D-Nice from the legendary group Boogie Down Productions, where it was himself, KRS-One, and DJ Scott La Rock. D-Nice was only 16 when their album Criminal Minded debuted in 1986. D-Nice is a renaissance man, he’s also had a solo career, he’s been a web designer, a music producer, and a photographer. He is truly a talented brother!

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