Set your intentions

Happy Monday everyone!

This is what I’m 🧘🏾‍♂️ on this morning.

Set your intentions on abundance, lead with intentions, feel the flow of abundance all throughout your soul🙏🏾

It’s Sagittarius season!!!!

Both flocks are together

We have success, the older and younger flock have a positive flow inside of the chicken run..
The older flock was dominating the young ones, I was getting a little worried, they seemed to have the pecking order implemented on day #3.

Barred Rocks, Rhode Island Red, and Buff Orpington

Happy Birthday 🎂

Happy Birthday to me!

Help me celebrate my birthday by practicing random acts of kindness 12/3 ♐️ Love you guys and thanks again for your support!


Imagine a life with less stuff, less clutter. Imagine a life with more time, more meaningful relationships, more growth.