No Expectations

Because I was born with a serious birth defect,no expectations were put on me as a kid.Now that I’m in my mid-40s I wonder did this hinder me in any way.As a kid I always wanted to be a dad,that was my goal and I was laser focused!
Fast forward to now,3 beautiful kids later,2 girls and a boy,I’m like what’s next?
My 2 daughters are grown and my son will be a senior in Highschool next year,wow!
I really don’t have a clue what’s next,I’ve never been a fan of life planning,I’ve always lived it one day at a time.Did this way of thinking hurt me,only time will tell.

Change Your Mindset

Gone are the days of working 30,40 years in a factory or retail.The shift is happening before our eyes and it is called entrepreneurship.Amazon is one of the worlds biggest retailers with no brick and mortar stores,and that is just one example.Now is the time to find your passion and embrace your entrepreneurial spirit,embrace being your own boss,embrace setting your own schedule,embrace being free.


Hello Monday

Hello Monday,welcome to the first Monday of 2017.I know a lot of us dream of being financially independent and today I pray that soon that dream will come true.We are here to change the world and to make the world a better place,the focus has to be on giving back and creating new visions all over the world.