Change Your Mindset

Gone are the days of working 30,40 years in a factory or retail.The shift is happening before our eyes and it is called entrepreneurship.Amazon is one of the worlds biggest retailers with no brick and mortar stores,and that is just one example.Now is the time to find your passion and embrace your entrepreneurial spirit,embrace being your own boss,embrace setting your own schedule,embrace being free.


Hello Monday

Hello Monday,welcome to the first Monday of 2017.I know a lot of us dream of being financially independent and today I pray that soon that dream will come true.We are here to change the world and to make the world a better place,the focus has to be on giving back and creating new visions all over the world.


The Life of a Misfit

Monday morning when I woke up I noticed my energy was off and I felt a little down and this always put me in a retrospective mood.My goto questions are as follows,do people respect you,have you done enough in life,what is your purpose? For me,I was born in the 70s and back then it seemed that the most successful people were loud,brash,and egotistical.I was the total opposite,I was and still am a shy guy,introverted,a total misfit to be exact.At an early age I had to identify my values and build on them,honesty,integrity,empathy,and love to just name a few.In my past posts I’ve talked about my origin and how I’ve dealt with my birth defect.I had to endure so much pain due to the numerous surgeries,mentally I had to put myself into a happy state of mind so this brings me back to how I was feeling on Monday.Whatever put me in that sad state of mind had to be destroyed with positive energy and trust that I am not alone.I have God looking over me,my truth is my truth and my path is my path.We are all born rich,we should never chase money,we should chase freedom,freedom to be your own boss,freedom to love,freedom to not be put in a box,freedom to know your success story might not equal your neighbors but that’s okay.Being a misfit is not a bad thing,don’t be fooled by propaganda,the loud car doesn’t always win the race.Focus on being great,focus on happiness and positive energy,realize that you are the picture of greatness and no one can tell you different.BTW,I would like to thank my wife and I would like to thank my cousin for setting me on the right track,it is always good to know that you have a support system in your corner,I am forever grateful.