Organizing Our Seed Packets

Well, I did a little thing yesterday. I organized over 50 of our seed packets in a binder. My daughter and I had our seeds in a shoe box and the clutter and disorganization was driving me nuts. I borrowed the idea from a homesteader on YouTube (Rebecca Rhodes) and I must say, I love the concept. All you need is a 3 ring, 1 inch binder and a few baseball card sleeves, and a little bit of time….easy peasy!!

Garden Harvest

I just picked this kale and tomatoes fresh out of my garden. We’ve finally got some rain so I am expecting more in the coming weeks!


I just planted 4 rose bushes today, 2 red and 2 yellow. I mixed epsom salt, rose food, with compost and with a little tlc these roses will be the focal point of my landscape design!