James and Nate

James was an avid bike rider and marathon walker from Georgia who also loves to travel. During his travels to London, James met Nate who was also loves marathon walking. The two connected and like James, Nate was looking to move to a warmer climate so he can focus mainly on his health and wellness without being stuck in the house for 4 months out of the year. Nate told James that he wanted to leave Canada and move to a southern state in the US. James suggested that he should move to Georgia where he lives, the neighborhood he lives in has miles of hiking trails and roadways. Nate flew down to Georgia and took James up on his offer and he instantly fell in love with Georgia and its attributes. Today, the two friends walk 7 miles a day and they train kids who have the ambition to marathon walk in the future.

Forgiveness Friday

Forgive someone today, it’s not for them, it’s for you.

It’s all about healing, it’s been a long week, turn the music up, shake that stress off🙌🏾

Like the Don Fat Joe says, it’s 2022, time to bring the light in!!

Been waiting on that sunshine ☀️