No Expectations

Because I was born with a serious birth defect,no expectations were put on me as a kid.Now that I’m in my mid-40s I wonder did this hinder me in any way.As a kid I always wanted to be a dad,that was my goal and I was laser focused!
Fast forward to now,3 beautiful kids later,2 girls and a boy,I’m like what’s next?
My 2 daughters are grown and my son will be a senior in Highschool next year,wow!
I really don’t have a clue what’s next,I’ve never been a fan of life planning,I’ve always lived it one day at a time.Did this way of thinking hurt me,only time will tell.

The dream

I dream about you with my eyes opened or closed.Your beauty haunts me,I’m awaken by your scent.Why am I such a helpless romantic,why do I have so many emotions?
The thought of our journey brings me pause,did I do enough to make you happy or are we just going through the motions?
I love how my dreams are presented to me,the visuals are in technicolor,the feelings are multiplied by 10,and the memories are clear as Jamaican water.
I’m so helpless for your love…


I’ve been wanting to purchase a RASTACLAT bracelet for years now,so last week I felt like the time was right.I bought the classic onyx II,I couldn’t be any happier with their product,I recommend it.RASTACLAT is a symbol of righteousness,doing good for yourself and others.They also believe that positive action can change lives,inspire confidence,and unite us as human beings. #SeekThePositive


Do hurt people attract hurt people?

Hey guys,it’s been a crazy few weeks for ya boy.I’ve been noticing a lot of relationship issues as of late.By no means am I saying that I know it all or claiming to be a professional but something must be going on in the universe because folks are acting wild in these streets.My intelligent cousin so wisely stated that hurt people attract hurt people,is this true?
I have friends coming to me for relationship advice,I have friends who only communicate with me for a brief season about their issues and when I try to check on them,no answer.I get frustrated with both of these examples at different points because both are extremely heavy on the brain.I wish I had all the answers because I care a great deal about my friends.Guys,am I crazy or is the planets out of alignment?I hate this weird energy.