Change Your Mindset

Gone are the days of working 30,40 years in a factory or retail.The shift is happening before our eyes and it is called entrepreneurship.Amazon is one of the worlds biggest retailers with no brick and mortar stores,and that is just one example.Now is the time to find your passion and embrace your entrepreneurial spirit,embrace being your own boss,embrace setting your own schedule,embrace being free.


Little White Dress

I love when you wear that little white dress,it really highlight the melanin in your pretty brown skin and it hugs every curve on your body.I want to frame that dress and hang it on my wall,I know that’s not possible because you are so fond of that dress,maybe one day,it deserves hall a fame status.Baby you deserve hall of fame status because you bring me no stress,you got my back 100%,you are my ride or die.I want to celebrate you,I want to give you everything you’ve always wanted,the world.