Little White Dress

I love when you wear that little white dress,it really highlight the melanin in your pretty brown skin and it hugs every curve on your body.I want to frame that dress and hang it on my wall,I know that’s not possible because you are so fond of that dress,maybe one day,it deserves hall a fame status.Baby you deserve hall of fame status because you bring me no stress,you got my back 100%,you are my ride or die.I want to celebrate you,I want to give you everything you’ve always wanted,the world.


I’m in search of tranquillity,I’m in search of peace.My mind has been on Jamaica real heavy the last few days and today I posted a pic on social media and wouldn’t you know it,I found a Jamaica key chain.My thoughts have really been in tune with the universe this year and I’m so grateful for the positive energy that is coming my way.Like others I really need a getaway to recharge my mind,body,and soul.To close,all I have to say is,I better get my passport ready because I truly believe that I will be going to Jamaica for a much needed wellness retreat.