Happy New Year

Wishing everyone a happy and prosperous new year, I know 2023 is going to shift our lives in a more positive direction. Sending love and light to you all, cheers 🎆

15 Mental Strength Tips

15 Mental Strength Tips
1. Don’t beg for attention
2. Don’t allow others to bring you down
3. Don’t hold grudges
4. Never stop doing your own thing
5. Never stop believing in yourself
6. Don’t act like an ass
7. Know better than to let anyone into your life
8. Don’t be afraid to love
9. Don’t dread the day ahead of you
10. Don’t be afraid to slow down
11. Don’t do things you don’t want to do
12. Don’t have a problem saying no
13. Don’t forget to give back
14. Don’t feel the need to fit in
15. Don’t forget that happiness is a choice

Morning Routine

For my morning routine I like to start by thanking God for another day and saying, “show me how good it gets today”. I meditate and read positive affirmations. I try to stretch every day but that’s one thing I really need to improve on. I make sure my animals are fed and have clean water, when they are happy, I am happy. I do intermittent fasting so most days I skip breakfast and I usually eat my first meal around lunch time. So this is just a few things I do to keep myself in good shape, mentally and physically.

Men, We Have To…

Men, we have to talk more. We can’t go on keeping all of our emotions inside because of pride. Express yourself, let those burdens flow out of your body. I know life can be stressful at times but it can also be abundant, please know that you are loved!

My Wellness Journey

When my uncle asked me to nature walk with him last October I never thought that my wellness journey would begin at that very moment. For one, I didn’t realize that I was that unhealthy, to date I am 25 pounds lighter and I feel amazing, physically and mentally. I am on a mission to get a better relationship with God, and I want to tap into the God within me.

Each Morning

I wake up each morning thanking the good Lord above for another beautiful day. It’s a must that I celebrate each day like it’s my last. Tomorrow is not promised to no one, be kind, be gentle and most definitely, be yourself.