Note to my teenaged self

I am all for us as black men to be vulnerable,so here is a note to my teenaged self.
Dear teenaged Alfonso…
Stop worrying about what others think of you.
You are 1of 1,no one is like you.
Be patient,don’t rush love.
Do not let pain motivate you,you are not the reason why your father left.
Learn how to forgive.
You do not have to over sell yourself to make people like you.
Network more,create lasting friendships.
Don’t let people have so much power over your life.
Learn more about how to handle money.
Love is not a controlling emotion.
Stop rushing into things.
Learn how to be vulnerable.
Start a college fund for your kids.
Be more creative.
Travel more.
Love,your future self.

The dream

I dream about you with my eyes opened or closed.Your beauty haunts me,I’m awaken by your scent.Why am I such a helpless romantic,why do I have so many emotions?
The thought of our journey brings me pause,did I do enough to make you happy or are we just going through the motions?
I love how my dreams are presented to me,the visuals are in technicolor,the feelings are multiplied by 10,and the memories are clear as Jamaican water.
I’m so helpless for your love…