Happy Chickens

This coming spring I’m going to add onto my chicken coop and run. It is so cool to see them scratch around, check out my new video!

Little scavengers 😂

Pics from The Hardy Homestead

I had a vision and a way was made! Our family homestead is receiving the love and positive energy it deserves! It was truly a spiritual journey walking through that sacred land over the weekend🙏🏾

New arrival

I’m preparing the brooder for the new arrival of my baby chicks. I know I can’t replace the 3 Pullets that were killed because they were my 1st babies, that why I decided to order a different breed, stay tuned!

Unwanted predator

Sadly I’m here to report that early this morning my chicken coop was raided by an unknown and unwanted predator. Unfortunately I lost 3 hens, 1 Rhode Island Red and Barred Rock from the 1st flock and a Barred Rock from the 2nd flock. To say I’m devastated is an understatement. All indications is that the predator was a raccoon, hopefully we can catch him before he come back to cause more damage, I’m keeping my fingers crossed.