I truly believe that age is a construct, I’m 50 years old and I feel great, I’m 50 years old and I believe the best is ahead of me, instead of behind me.

Words of encouragement

Especially in these trying times, words of encouragement is so vital to our mental health. Just a simple jester can brighten a persons day. I often say encouragement nourishes your soul like a tall glass of water on a hot summer day. So if you are reading this please know that you have purpose and you are loved.

Pics from The Hardy Homestead

I had a vision and a way was made! Our family homestead is receiving the love and positive energy it deserves! It was truly a spiritual journey walking through that sacred land over the weekend🙏🏾

Unlearn beliefs

As a kid I was told 50 was old, I was told when you get older your mind and body begin to break down. Well, that’s a lie, I am stronger than before and I am more handsome than ever, ha!…take that false belief inventor, I am a better version of myself, your belief system didn’t work with me, you have been unlearned!

New week, new blessings

I like to start the week off with a positive outlook. I meditate/pray to set the tone. My focus is not to let any negativity in my zone, that part is hard but with a lot of work it’s obtainable. I hope you guys have a blessed and productive week ahead, one love 🙏🏾

I encourage you

I encourage you to follow your dreams, stop worrying about what people may say, this is your life. Don’t let their low expectations limit you!