My Wellness Journey

When my uncle asked me to nature walk with him last October I never thought that my wellness journey would begin at that very moment. For one, I didn’t realize that I was that unhealthy, to date I am 25 pounds lighter and I feel amazing, physically and mentally. I am on a mission to get a better relationship with God, and I want to tap into the God within me.

Monday Morning Fitness Walk

It was such a beautiful morning for walking. Although it started out a little cloudy and brisk, by 11:00am the sun began to warm us up. With all the events going on in the world, it felt good to pound the pavement to let off some of this anxiety. With each step I would reminisce about my journey from childhood to adult, and how I’m grateful for all of my life lessons. Really, none of us know how much time we have on this earth, so I’m taking it upon myself to enjoy each moment and stop worrying about what I could of done in the past. I also have to stop worrying about how I would of looked if I wasn’t born with this birth defect, God makes no mistakes, without his love, I would be an empty shell of a man. So by the end of my walk it was obviously clear that my steps were ordered by God himself and I will remain humble and trust in him, be safe!